Stand out, surprise, entertain, thrill, spread awareness and more.

These are some of the elements that are never left out in our productions. Tell us what you want to tell the World or how you want people to experience your brand. The rest you can leave to us.


Today successful and less so are often equal to who works with videos and who doesn’t. A video presentation is alfa and omega to any business. The reason is that video is so much better at catching your visitors attention and telling your story than any other media. Even Google and other search engine reward businesses with videos on their webpages. Countless studies prove that people are more willing to do business when exposed to videos. Let us help to make your business more attractive to existing and new customers.


Did you ever consider to promote your business or your products with TV- or Youtube spots? No matter whats your need we are able to help you develop and produce effective advertising videos. It is all decisive to create an original concept with a clear message, especially when you only have 10 or 20 seconds to tell convince the audience. We are able to manage the full production from planning, casting of actors and other parts of the preproduction to the production when we catch the right moments and the postproduction where we select and edit to perfection.


We especially enjoy catching special moments at events when people are not acting as much in from of the camera. There is nothing as beautiful as the spontaneous which happens when people meet and catching the best of these moments on film is a truly unique way to remember important happenings. When filming events we always start by understanding the event itself and the opportunities. Together we develop guidelines to ensure that we disturb as little as possible during the actual production. For events we offer combined photo & film packages. Ask for more.


We have the team and equipment to realize most ideas and we are always curious in original projects. Get in touch and let us sit down to discuss your creative concept. Whether you want to develop a youtube channel, invite people to your wedding, propose to your partner, document travels, make a video resume, produce a short film or anything else we promise to listen with full attention.


Do you know how to present you exhibitions in a dynamic and attractive way? We have experience helping other artists. Let us develop a video presentations in which you will show part of your work and talk about your goals in a relaxed way. This kind of video you can use on your website, in social media, in emails, but even as a projection on future exhibitions. This is an excellent way to catch the attention of investors and other art lovers.


Today most musicians understand the importance of music videos as part of developing a unique identity and reaching fans and other important stakeholders. We enjoy working with artists as we have common interests. The creative process we go through when planning and producing your video is quite similar to your process writing, composing and recording your music. Let us sit down and develop a unique way to visualize your message.